01 January 2012

The server source code has been released: https://github.com/ggaughan/ThinkSQL

29 January 2011

The licence file has been updated to remove the expiration date.

10 October 2008

We're considering releasing the ThinkSQL server as open-source, if there's enough demand for this. Please let us know.

18 October 2004

The ThinkSQL server can now be distributed with your applications royalty-free. Purchase a distribution licence and you can include this powerful, comprehensive SQL server with your applications on multiple platforms with no extra payments. See the on-line shop for details of our current offer prices.

13 September 2004

Version 1.04 has been released. It includes a fix for WITH RETURN cursors plus some other minor fixes and updates. Also, the CREATE INDEX statement is no longer switched off. See the release notes for details.

31 May 2004

The Raven RSS Reader has been updated. This version has a statistics page, more configuration options, and allows groups of feed definitions to be exported and imported.

31 March 2004

A new verison of the Magpy RSS Reader application has been released which now reads feeds in parallel using a pool of threads and corrects a stylesheet problem when using the Firefox browser. It has been renamed to Raven to avoid any confusion with an existing PHP RSS parser named Magpie. Contact us if you need help migrating your existing feed list into the new version.

14 March 2004

A new sample application has been added to the support section. The Magpy RSS Reader automatically collects and presents relevant news updates from RSS feeds across the internet. It needs Python (on Windows or Linux) to run, and it can be downloaded from here.

26 January 2004

Version 1.03 has been released. It includes a fix for routine handling and minor fixes to the JDBC and ODBC drivers. This release also incorporates the Python DB-API driver. See the release notes for details.

18 November 2003

We've restructured our pricing to provide a royalty-free distribution licence for the 1-concurrent-connection server. The prices of the multi-connection servers have been significantly reduced to provide a full-featured SQL server at an amazingly low cost. Order now and build your software with unfettered SQL.

04 September 2003

An initial release of the Python DB-API module is now available. This conforms to the DB-API 2.0 specification and is a pure Python driver.

See the README for installation details.

01 August 2003

Version 1.02 has been released. It includes updates to the dbExpress and JDBC drivers. See the release notes for details.

A sample Delphi application is available to demonstrate using dbExpress with ThinkSQL. Also, you can join our Update mailing list to receive notification of any major ThinkSQL releases. See the support area for details.

23 July 2003

An updated JDBC driver is available. This release adds COLUMN_DEF to DatabaseMetaData.getColumns(), fixes calls to getBestRowIdentifier() and getVersionColumns(), and throws exceptions for unimplemented features.

22 July 2003

An updated JDBC driver is available. This release speeds up access to foreign key constraint metadata.

06 July 2003

An updated JDBC driver is available. This release fixes a bug with prepared statement parameters, and defaults autocommit to true.

01 July 2003

Version 1.01 has been released. It includes updates to the dbExpress, ODBC and JDBC drivers. See the release notes, included in the latest download, for more details.

27 June 2003

A one concurrent connection server licence is now available. For a limited, introductory period you can buy these for just £49 from our online shop.

01 June 2003

The ThinkSQL RDBMS is available. Download the latest version now and receive a free developer licence for up to two concurrent connections. (If you have previously installed the beta version, we suggest you first uninstall it and then remove or rename the installation directory.)

You can now buy server licences to suit your application deployment needs from our online shop.

26 November 2000

Initial beta release.

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