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Raven RSS Reader

Use the Raven RSS Reader to automate your web-surfing. Raven gathers the latest news that's of interest to you. Written in Python, it uses ThinkSQL to store news articles and details of the feeds that you subscribe to. Raven can:

  • automatically locate available feeds from a given URL
  • download and parse many feeds in parallel using multiple threads
  • recognise RSS and Atom feed formats


The sample download is self-contained (apart from Python, version 2.3 or higher is needed) and runs on Windows or Linux. It includes a ThinkSQL engine and demonstration licence for one connection, as well as the Raven code, test catalog and supporting modules.

Simply unpack the file into a directory and run raven.py. Your organised news summaries will then be available by pointing your web browser at http://localhost:8000. See the README file for full details.

Windows/Linux download: raven.tar.gz

(Use a utility like WinZip to unpack the file on Windows. On Linux use: tar -xzvf raven.tar.gz)

(Note: if you're upgrading from a previous version, retain a copy of your raven.dat file)

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